Search for long-lost friends

The search for a past love can be as emotionally demanding as a search for birth family members. For this reason, the tracing process is structured in a similar way to a search for relatives. The first phase includes tracing and locating the sought person. After the person has been traced, we address ourselves to you. Together we will discuss the nature of the initial contact, taking into account your specific needs considering the results obtained (Is the person married? What is the state of their health?). We are able to trace almost anyone who is not intentionally unwilling to be found; our success rate is currently by 93%.

To show our regard and respect for the current circle of people of the traced person we help you to deal with your desire for a reunion, especially when rushing in like ‘a bull at a gate’ may not be the best option.

In the rare cases where the traced person doesn’t want to be contacted, we convey the reasons for your search and make sure your interest and your motivation to find that person is made clear. We place particular emphasis on discretion for both parties.