Over the years the collection of articles released about Reunions (Wiedersehen macht Freude) has grown bigger and bigger. We have selected here only some of the most interesting ones. Most of the articles are in German, with few exceptions that will soon be integrated with new stories from different countries.

TV Stations have been and are still very often interested in accompanying our searches, (on the right side of the page you may appreciate a selection of some TV channels we have worked with.) Currently SWR (Southwest Germany Broadcasting Station) is producing a series entitled “the Aufspürerin” (The Tracer). A five episodes docusoap on ARTE and documentaries series in „Menschen hautnah“, “37 Grad” (broadcasted by WDR the German public-broadcasting institution) and other high-quality formats have been produced for the mutual benefit of all the participants and are authentic and fine documents about our work.

Press coverage will be an option only for those people explicitly requesting it in their application. All other clients enjoy our complete discretion!